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MDI Consulting is a management training and consultancy firm with a global outlook that provides people and organization development services to enterprises in all economic sectors. Our clients rely on strong leadership teams, competent managerial staff, skilled personnel and the implementation of progressive corporate structures and systems to achieve business goals.

Our consulting teams incorporate global thinking and draw on international exposure alongside specialist expertise to address client business development needs. Each assignment is carefully evaluated to establish the core needs and the outcomes desired. The consultant design team then develops solutions that not only address the immediate issues, but also position the client for strategic long-term growth.

Much as we draw on our wide experience and expertise, we recognize that each of our clients presents us with a unique challenge that requires inimitable resolution. We work in partnership with you to meet the development needs of your staff, business and customers in creating appropriate sustainable solutions for your organization. Your success is our celebration.

Today’s evolving business environment often calls for multifaceted solutions to organization development. In order to provide our clients with a broader range of business solutions and support services MDI Consulting has entered into collaboration with Augmentin Advisory Solutions, a finance, risk and project support firm and LEAD Consulting, an organization devoted to executive coaching and leadership development to provide an expanded range of business development services to our clients.

Our Training

We develop an understanding of participant profiles within their organization development context to ensure the techniques delivered on the program are relevant, appropriate and need specific.

Our approach to training design is built on the closure of individual and institutional performance gaps. Our program delivery is based on concept understanding and competence development through a structured training experience formulated by our seasoned training teams.

The participant action planning and workshop sessions enhance group commitment and peer accountability to implement key learning after the training. Here is some of the exciting feedback we have received from our training;

Our Business Philosophy

Our philosophy places people at the heart of business success, enterprise development and sustainable economic growth.

By focusing on empowering people, we influence individual careers, institutional performance, corporate productivity and positive change in client organizations.


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