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Company History

MDI was established in the mid 1990’s in the context of a rapidly emerging regional market hungry for a strong compliment of managerial competencies to drive corporate business success.

Since then the demand for our leadership, management and various employee and organization development programs continue to grow as business methods, markets change, technology advances and operating environments evolve.


Company Starts.

The firm started from simple beginnings as founding partners set out to realize a personal dream in enterprise. The firm was registered in Kenya and began operations in a one room sub-rented property with desk, chair, laptop and printer on the outskirts of Nairobi.


Launches training services

Firm launches business and management skills training in quality customer service, employee performance management and supervisory skills training. Training focused on equipping frontline business teams to standardise operations and ensure efficiency in operations.


Corporate training services

The firm launches its first comprehensive service portfolio of management development, capacity building, business skills and related HR development programs from own offices. At the time, the director wrote “Among the challenges of the 21st Century will be the need for organizations to raise productivity, maintain competitiveness, and develop strategic innovation, MANAGEMENT DECISION INFORMATION will help to strengthen your capacity to face these challenges”


Establishes publishing division

The firm formally launches its publishing division in recognition that personal development is the basis of productive competencies and skills for organization development. Publications released were Management: What it takes to excel as a manager, managing time, managing money, taking Action, Effective teams and Thinking Leadership in Africa


Recognition for the support of Professional Trainers Association of Kenya, PTAK

The Directorate of Industrial Training under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development (Kenya) recognized the support provided by MDI in the launch of the Professional Trainers Association of Kenya. MDI provided the core materials for the national certified Training of Trainers program.


Establishing PAC University Corporate Business Leadership Center

MDI collaborated with PAC University, to create and establish the Corporate Business Leadership Center providing its first CEO. The mandate of the unit was to research, develop and design and deliver training and consultancy programs to the market at a profit.


Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership

Collaboration with the College of Human Resource Management saw the launch of the Next Generation Corporate Leaders, (NGCL) program for corporate clients and the public in general with MDI providing the course content and facilitation team. The 8-week program equips participants with updated leadership skills culminating in an Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership


Collaboration and expansion of services

MDI entered into collaboration with Augmentin Advisory Solutions, a finance, risk and project support firm and LEAD Consulting, an organization devoted to executive coaching and leadership development to provide an expanded range of business development services to our clients.